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Sports Massage

Sports Therapy Massage in South DevonYou don't have to be an athlete to require a sports massage and you don't necessarily have to engage in any sport related activity to receive an injury. These can happen at any time to anyone. Though this is a therapy technique aimed at treating 'Sport' type injuries, a Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage technique used in treating Chronic Pain, limited muscle/joint range of movement, muscles suffering from fatigue due to intense and vigorous exercise, muscle strain and the muscle tension pain of Lactic Acid build-up. It is a technique used on any muscle around the body, particularly neck/shoulders and legs. So if you have any of the following issues; Rotaor Cuff injury, clunky shoulder joints, frozen shoulder, Muscle strain and others besides, a Sports Massage could be for you.

A Sports Massage can be part of a pre/post event as it encourages muscle recovery. Using various massage movements and pressure points focused on the problematic muscle group, it conditions the muscle with the expulsion of toxins, thus promoting nutrients and fluids to flow through the muscle tissue, giving an energised and refreshed feel.

Throughout each and every massage treatment, Healing Hands Therapy Massage, combines a wide knowledge of each technique, sometimes involving the use of several techniques to achieve the best remedy for the client, including the use of essential oils as they benefit the body as a whole.

Before every treatment there will be a mandatory Consultation & Assessment, which enables the ability to ascertain the problem cause, discuss and advise the best treatment and the technique explained. Your therapist can also set you a treatment plan and advise on any follow-up therapy you may need or suggest self-help techniques, should this be necessary.

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