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Clinical Therapy Massage

Clinical Therapy Massage in South DevonThis is a massage technique concentrating on the connective soft tissue and muscle fibres of muscles around the body, used primarily to assist in relieving muscle tension build-up (Lactic Acid) causing headaches, pains, strains and also used in eliminating scar tissue. Other problematic ailments that can be treated by Healing Hands Therapy Massage are; Fibromyalgia, nerve impingement (trapped nerves) Sciatica, Lymphatic Drainage, IBS, Migrane headaches, MCFS, M.E, Sleep patterns.

Fybromyalgia is a painful condition among a rapidly growing number of people in the UK, which can also be treated, using a virtually new massage technique known as Myofascial Release. A technique focused on myofascial membrane surrounding the muscle at each and every joint of the body though many sufferers feel pain in the upper half of the body. The therapy uses gentle to firm acupressure blended together with specific gentle massage movements.

Relieving such aches and pains, trapped nerves, problem neck, shoulder, knee, hip and leg joints, encourage muscle conditioning and more importantly feeling healthy, relaxed and renewed.

Throughout each and every massage treatment, Healing Hands Therapy Massage, combines a wide knowledge of each technique, sometimes involving the use of several techniques to achieve the best remedy for the client, including the use of essential oils as they benefit the body as a whole.

Before every treatment there will be a mandatory Consultation & Assessment, which enables the ability to ascertain the problem cause, discuss and advise the best treatment and the technique explained. Your therapist can also set you a treatment plan and advise on any follow-up therapy you may need or suggest self-help techniques, should this be necessary.

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