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Aromatherapy Treatment

Aromatherapy Treatment in South DevonWith over 300 essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees from around the world, essential oils have profound therapeutic qualities to treat many ailments. Essential oils are blended to each and every individual client's treatment needs, so are unique from person to person. Aromatherapy is regarded as THE most RELAXING massage, using a range of movements that cause the body to steep into a soothing and calming state.

Focused on the superficial soft muscle tissue, the various massage movements used include; Effleurage, petrisage, Tapotement, friction, Cupping, Vibration and Stripping. Accompanied with using medium to light pressure through fingers and hands to your tired muscles, it is a gentle, comforting and soothing technique, which makes it a first choice therapy for regulating sleep pattern solutions, assisting with emotional needs due to suffering stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and fortifying the inner person.

Throughout each and every massage treatment, Healing Hands Therapy Massage, combines a wide knowledge of each technique, sometimes involving the use of several techniques to achieve the best remedy for the client.

Aromatherapy Massage in South DevonMassage, really is a truly beneficial therapy for everyone, male or female, from infants and young alike to the elderly. It can even assist those during pregnancy to cope with neck, shoulder and back pain and stimulate the reduction of fluid retention. No-one has more aches and pains in the shoulders, upper and lower back and legs than those during pregnancy. Selected essential oils can help relieve many of these musculoskeletal problems associated with being pregnant. For this type of massage the client is either laying on her side supported by towels or pillows; depending on her stage of pregnancy, or sitting upright on a chair.

Before every treatment there will be a mandatory Consultation & Assessment, which enables the ability to ascertain the problem cause, discuss and advise the best treatment and the technique explained. Your therapist can also set you a treatment plan and advise on any follow-up therapy you may need or suggest self-help techniques, should this be necessary.

All essential oils and carrier oils used in my massage therapies are 100% genuine and from trusted sources, all having unique therapeutic qualities which I source from genuine UK wholesalers;




Among the many essential oils available for a variety of therapy massage, my favourites for a relaxation and de-stress massage are;


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